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Welcome to the DFW Herpetological Society website! We invite you to learn about our society, the benefits of membership, our monthly programs, educational events, field trips, or just learn a few things about the reptiles and amphibians that are our focus.

Need to identify a snake you’ve seen?  Click here for a guide to identifying venomous snakes of north Texas.

The Texas rat snake (Pantherophis obsoletus) is one of the more common large snakes in north Texas. It is a harmless snake that grows to about four to six feet in length - and the record length is a little over 7 feet! Because these snakes are excellent climbers, they may follow creeks through residential neighborhoods and are sometimes discovered by frightened or concerned homeowners. Their diet includes rats and mice, and since they are non-venomous, they are valuable snakes to have around.

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An extended road trip is sometimes the perfect way to spend the first week of May. East Texas and the Gulf Coast contain interesting and beautiful ecosystems and equally wonderful reptiles and amphibians, and that was our destination. We will tell about the big coral snake in the Angelina National Forest, the hunt for the Gulf salt marsh snake, cantankerous blue crabs in the salt marsh, a magnificent mama alligator at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, looking for Texas diamond-backed terrapins, and seeing Texas horned lizards at Port Bay Ranch. We will also try to convey some of the beauty and importance of the habitat in the eight refuges and parks we visited along the way.

“7 Days in the Piney Woods and Gulf Coast, from Coral snakes to Alligators”

Michael Smith & Clint King

DFWHS September Meeting Information.


The October Meeting location and time has changed! We will be meeting at the legendary Tim Jones’s homes for a special meeting. Tim has invited members of the DFWHS to his house near Whitney Texas. This is going to be a very special meeting with many retired and current zoo employees planning to attend. This will be a great opportunity to meet many of the people that shaped herpetology in the US. More information to come soon!